About us

We are a group of Portesham residents who would like to improve the amenities in the Church so that residents and visitors can have access to toilets, catering facilities and some comfortable seats. We hope that this will also allow the church to be used more by the community as we will be able to host concerts, exhibitions and offer refreshments.

In order to achieve our aim we have split the project into stages. The first, to ensure access to main sewerage has been completed, electric rewiring has also been completed. The next stage, to lower the floor so that it is on the same level as the rest of the church, started in September 2022. Only when this finished can we begin the work to install the servery and toilet. We hope to complete the work by 2026.

We are organising fund raising events throughout the year, details of which can be found on our events page.

You can also find out how to donate to our fund on our Projects (and how to contribute) page.

Please contact us for more information.

You can see more details of how we have raised money and what it has been spent on on the Activities so far page.

Portesham Church

St Peter’s is a lovely old church in a typical Dorset village nestled into a valley two miles inland from the famous Chesil Beach. Parts of St Peter’s Church, Portesham have stood at the centre of the village for 900 years. The base of the tower at St Peter’s Portesham is believed to be early Norman, even Saxon. The main body of the church dates to the 12th and 13th centuries.

The church and churchyard also have some old graves; some of them with quite interesting stories. For example, William Weare wanted to be buried ‘neither in the church nor outside it’, so he was interred in the wall. There is also a gravestone with an angel wearing a woolly jumper.

The church is open daily to be a haven of peace. The chancel offers a secluded space for private prayer. Please leave prayer requests on the prayer tree. Please write in our visitors book, we like to see your comments. We do have a children’s corner if needed but it is lovely for children to join in our worship and be part of and in the congregation, not at the back.

The church hosts a Craft group and holds a Tea+chat cafe every 2 weeks.

The churchyard is a typical country churchyard with snowdrops and violets in the Spring and a mass of cyclamen in September, all within the sound of the stream that runs alongside the village street. 

 We are part of the Dorset Wildlife Trust’s ‘Living Churchyard’ Project, managing the churchyard for the benefit of wildlife.  At times part of the grass will remain uncut to allow wild flowers to flourish, over 70 different  species have been identified, this will encourage a variety of insects to the ares which in turn will bring in more birds.  A survey in 1994 identified over 50 lichen species.  In 2011 we entered the Living Churchyard Competition for the first time and won the Best New Entry section, in 2012 we were Runners-Up in the same category.  In 2013 we were delighted to win the Bishop’s Prize for our Churchyard.

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